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Turnover Is For Vanity, Profit Is For Sanity


My Venue Is Busy

The Kitchen Is Cooking Food

The Retail Shop Has Customers

3rd Party Delivery Services Keep Collecting

Loyal Patrons Keep Placing Orders

These days Turnover really is for Vanity...Profit is for Sanity 

How Sane are you with your Business?


The mission of AMF is to fuel your Vanity whilst giving you Sanity

During the consultation process work will be done in, as well on the business to accertain it's true potential

Once realized a methodical plan of action can be be executed 


Colin Dick
+27 63 292 3516

When Dean started with us we knew we had good turnover but we did not know how much net profit we were making, let alone what are break even point was.
During his time with us he deconstruct the entire food menu, linking with a recipe to the POS, formulated COS and instigated portion control.
With all this information at hand Dean was then able to, produce a definitive Profit & Loss document, make financial projections for the forthcoming year. As he was now aware of the operational needs, SOP'S were produced.
With the menu review imminent his theoretical GP% sheets were invaluable to adjust pricing to a level we were comfortable with. A brief was given, designer nominated and he has given us input into layout and order

Ian Stewart

+27 83 2281994


I appointed Dean Appleton from A Moveable Feast Consultancy to compile a forensic report on a bar, in Boksburg, which I have shares in.

He was assigned to report on the following

  • A detailed P&L with comments and recommendations

  • An analysis of the historical, current and future of the business

  • An analysis on the Management of the business by the other shareholders to date, with recommendations

Over a two week period he diligently and methodically compiled his report. Meeting with accountants, Point of Sale representatives, stock control analysts, event organizers, FOH & BOH staff, Management and fellow share holder to ascertain the true standing of the business.


Once established a concise report with recommendations for each section was compiled. The bullet point conclusion was an extremely useful tool to move forward and grow the profitability of the operation.


Ryan du Toit

Dutwaa Creative Agency

+27 82 9405420


I have been working with Dean and his consultancy since March of 2019 on four different projects, from my side being the creative agency behind the brands.

His knowledge and understanding of the restaurant industry is obviously a culmination of over 25 years of experience and I have noticed he is always offering sound advise based on that.

With such a diverse brief in the different ventures Dean’s input was tailored to suit each need.

He posses strong operational skills within an organization to ensure the fluent running of the business


A Moveable Feast Cosultancy was founded in 2014 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting agency in Soth Africa, within the hospitality . We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

AMF is the brain child of Dean Appleton a hospitality professional, operator, trainer & driver of best practice and profitability for over 25 years.

After completing his City & Guilds of London NVQ in England he enbarked on an illustrious career in London, culminating in being appointed GM of the criticaly acclaimed restaurant in Shephards Bush called Snows on the Green.

Relocating to South Africa in 2002 Dean has worked for most of the main stream franchises including Spur, Wimpy, Food Lovers Market & John Dory's as well as independents.

Being appointed as a training store with Spur has given him the prepartion and education to fuel his passion.

Most recently in Johannesburg he has been involved with launching a brand and business model called The Dark Kitchen. A forerunner of delivery only, non shop fronted outlets.


Build your own favourite lunch from freshly prepared ingredients, packaged with the environment in mind, delivered to your work or home.

1st choose your base...do you fancy a salad, bread fresh from the bakery or how about a healthy bowl of quinoa...now add all the components that complete the meal for you, just the way you like it.

Mr Yum is ready to hand out the menus and has pen & paper in hand to take your order.

For R15.00 1fetch will be your virtual waitron and provide contactless delivery, if you order 2 or more meals it's FREE.


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